Jumping in Feet First

I know, I know. I should dive in head first.

Jumping This first post alone makes me feel like I’m jumping off a cliff so I’ll do it feet first, thank you. I’ve never been one to jump into things… I’m more a “let’s think about it, analyze it to death, discuss it, make a list of pros/cons, have a clear goal and purpose, map out a plan and then execute” kinda person.

Unless it involves baking… in that case, I’m all about grabbing the ingredients, tweaking the recipe, adding a bit of booze and seeing what happens. Most of the time it works.

But I digress… I think. The point of this post (if there is one)… is that I’m taking the first step in ‘A’ direction. Which direction? I’m not exactly sure. I’ve been thinking about stuff and not writing them down for too long. So, rather than think about it … I’m going to just write it all down in a blog to capture, store and share … I’m jumping in feet first with very little thinking, planning, analyzing.

We’ll start with the basics…..

WHAT? A place to share and store info. It’ll more than likely be random and all over the place, but at least it’s a start. If you have some topics that you’d like me to write about, let me know… I’m all eyes and ears at this point. Plus, y’all might come up with something challenging for me to think/write about.

WHY? Because I like to write about anything and everything. Because I’m currently looking to grow my marketing business or go back to a traditional job which means I have a lot on my mind and a lot to figure out. Because I need a repository for my thoughts and ideas and other potentially useful and useless information…. from latest trends to foods/recipes to wine (I love wine) to opinions to business tools to fitness to what’s going on in the world…. and everything in between.

HOW? My cousin inspired me. She gave me some input and advice… pros/cons. She’s much more focused and organized in her blog. One day I’ll get there. For now, let’s keep moving.

WHEN? Today, June 3, 2014 and hopefully every day or at least weekly.

WHERE? From my desktop today… in the future, probably from my phone, laptop or tablet. I’ve always got some sort of digital leash. It’s access to WiFi and signal bars that determines my “connectivity”.

GOALS? I don’t have any specific ones right now. I should. I really should.
My whole life has been about setting goals and going after them… and I have… I did. But now? I just want to do a brain dump and see where it takes me… maybe I’ll get direction or inspiration from a comment or from my spouse who I’m sure will kick me in the butt at some point to get me to make some definitive goals.