Cheers to Birthday Season 2014!

That’s right … SEASON.  As in more than 1 month.

Normally, it’s just Birthday Month (November), but we (note, the hubby will not admit to this) started the Birthday “season” off in October this year.  And I managed to continue it through October, all the way through November.  Really not all that hard to do if you “know how to work it.” WooHoo, and I do!

So… here’s how “The Season” went this year:

OCTOBER’s Festivities

  • Weekend Trip to Denver to see my beloved Peyton and Broncos (birthday present from Hubby)
  • Wicked at The Smith’s Center (birthday present from Mom)
  • Weekend Trip to Santa Fe, NM (because the hubby was out of town, and Mom and I have never been so … why not?!)
  • Golf w/ Mom
  • Halloween Candy Distribution while Drinking Wine Evening

NOVEMBER’s Festivities

  • Homecooked Seafood Dinner (with salmon and King crab legs flown in from Pike’s in Seattle)
  • Champagne Brunch at Mozen inside the Mandarin Oriental
  • Trip to SoCA to see family and celebrate my cousin’s b-day too
  • Golf w/ hubby and Mom at Bali Hai (my first time playing here)
  • Dinner at Todd’s Unique Dining in Henderson
  • Girlie Tea (and sparkling wine) Party at English’s Town Square
  • Happy Hour at Tommy Bahamas
  • Lunch at Cili’s (Bali Hai) to celebrate another friend’s November birthday (woohoo!)
  • Dinner w/ friends at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. @ Cosmoplitan
  • Absinthe at Caesars
  • Dinner w/ friends at Korean Garden BBQ (my first time doing Korean BBQ)
  • Golf w/ hubby at Reflection Bay

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