Breathing… Not As Easy As It Sounds

How many of you have actually “thought” about breathing?

Probably not many… unless you start choking or drowning… then all you can do is think about that next breath.

No… I mean on a regular basis, do you think about your breath?
How it feels?
Where you feel it in your body?
Is it a shallow breath?
Is it a deep breath?
Is it slow?
Is it fast?
Does it fill your entire being and make your rib cage expand?
Can you breathe deeper sending your breath to your toes?

While I’m not going to get all philosophical or preachy, I learned to breathe … I mean really breath in my Yoga classes. Some instructors focus on the art of breathing more than others. Some will take like 5-10 minutes of a class to focus on just breathing. While this might sound easy, it’s one of the harder things to do because it requires focus and concentration. I’m thankful for it. It’s helped me with my Yoga practice and with getting into deeper stretches (well for me they are deeper). It’s also helped me in other parts of my life.

Breathing is more than simply inhaling and exhaling. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on it. But I know this…. Breathing has helped me relax my mind… turn off the noise and fall asleep. Sure… some nights take more focus than others, but it really has helped. By focusing on my breath, slowing it down, deepening the breath and focusing on what I feel and how I feel, has helped me fall asleep without the fight. I’ve cut down the tossing and turning from 2 hours to 30 minutes. That’s good for me.

It also helps me during my Chiropractic visits. Breathe to relax. Breathe to release. Breathe to let go. It’s not easy. It’s a fully conscious effort. Our natural response to things that hurt or are tense is to stop breathing, hold our breath or to take shorter breaths. Don’t. My adjustments are better when I breathe. Of course, it helps that my chiro cues me when to breathe deep and then when to release it slowly.

Breathing… I think this is why when you get angry, people say to take deep breaths. What the saying doesn’t say, is that you should focus on the breath and sending it to different parts of your body. Not an easy feat when you’re fuming.

Breathing… Focus on it. Really feel it. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I highly recommend you try it sometime. 🙂


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