Be a Kid Again

Who (if you’re an adult) takes time to PLAY anymore?

I don’t … well… not often enough. I’m sure my husband would argue that I play too often, but it depends on how you define “play”.

I define “play” as going to the park and playing on the jungle gym or swings or play a game like volleyball or kick a ball around or play tag. Yea… tag. Or maybe hit the roller rink with friends, do a bit of hop scotch or jumping rope or hula hooping or if it’s raining “puddle jumping”… you know… something you did as a kid. Or maybe build something with legos or blocks … or play marbles or just color… heck… color outside the lines and see what you come up with. You know… do something that is unexpected now, but was totally acceptable when you were 7. (Ok. Maybe draw the line at mud pies. That might be a bit too messy.) Something unstructured… just go with the flow… don’t have a set plan .. just play to play.

While it might seems odd to play tag as an adult, it’s lots of fun.
When Kira was still with me, I’d play tag with her. (Kira was my dog.)
I’d chase her around the park… however since she was a whippet mix… she was pretty quick and often didn’t get “tagged”. She did know how to taunt me though.

Anyways… I think if we had mandatory “recess” every day to play like kids … on the swings and do something from our youth (not dodge ball… that was just violent sometimes)… I think we’d all be less stressed. For one, we’d be laughing the whole time of how bad we were at our childhood games. And we’d be laughing at how silly we felt… how carefree we felt. It would help us let go of every day pressures. It’s not just a stress reliever, I think it would be a “life reliever”. I know when I get the chance to play with my baby cousins at the park, I have so much fun chasing them around and pushing them on the swings.

I’m not suggesting a long recess… although that would be nice. How about 20 minutes? Grab a buddy or your child, and play for a bit in between appointments or on the way home. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be silly. Be carefree. Be a Kid Again.


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