Aging Gracefully…. Not!

There are so many things I should be doing more gracefully. But Why?
It’s so much more fun and sometimes painful to relive your youth when you’re over 18. (Ok… so I’m like more than a little over 18 but whatever.)
Of course, I draw the line at getting a BMX and doing jumps like when I was 10. (I grew up with 2 male cousins so naturally I wanted to do what they and their friends were into.)

So, when my friends started roller skating (the 4 wheel kind), I thought “Hey, that sounds fun and would be good exercise too.” Yes, it was and is both. Unfortunately, it reminded me just how uncoordinated I am when it comes to strapping things with wheels to my feet. I’m pretty decent on skiis and wakeboards… but skates… I’m a little wobbly. And this coming from a person who loves yoga, and yoga is all about balance and core. *sigh* I mean… I can even do SUP (stand up paddling), but apparently roller skating is more of a challenge.

We’d meet up about once a week, and skate for a “couple” hours. For me, it was more like 1 hour with a rest every 15 minutes or so. Skating is a workout. My thigh muscles were like… “What?! You want to use us?! What’s wrong with you?!” But I did… and I worked up a bit of a “glow” too. (That’s code for SWEAT.) My 2 friends would glide around the rink… I’d… well, it was a glide-stumble type of movement. I mean… I was moving forward, and I could almost do a cross-over movement in the turns. It would take me a few laps to feel comfortable each time we’d go out. Needless to say, my level of skill wasn’t as good as most I saw out on the rink who could do twists and twirls and looked like they were part of the Roll Bounce movie extras.

Anyways… after a few weeks, I got cocky and decided I needed to try different skates. Apparently, (as I was soon to find out) there’s quite a difference between regular roller skates and derby-style skates. OR… the wheels and bearings are just different. In any case, my girlfriend let me try her skates and I put them on and they felt slippery. Sooooo slippery that when I tried to move around a group of women messing with their locker that I did a not-so-graceful fall where legs and arms went flailing. And to my utter-distress, I threw my left hand down to catch myself. I knew NOT to do this, but reaction over-rode thinking. And I landed hard on my left wrist.

What did I do next? I shook it off. That’s right….. I played like it was no big deal, and that I was fine. I got up and did a couple laps in the skates to finish “trying them out.” In reality, my wrist really hurt, and I was convincing myself it wasn’t broken. Did I go to Urgent Care to get it checked out? Heck No! Why would I do that? It still moved and wasn’t turning colors, so I was fine. (Plus, I hate going to the doctor and/or hospitals, so if I can just “deal with it”, I’ll be fine.)

And the skates…. Did I like the skates? Heck Yea! They were easier to glide and turn. And when my wrist heals and I save up a few bucks, I’m getting myself a pair of skates with a set of outdoor wheels to switch out. In the meantime, I’ve invested in wrist guards and wear them no matter how old or inept I might look. I don’t care. My wrists are important to me. I mean… I want to be able to do down-dog and chatarangas again without all the pain shooting through my left wrist.

And in case you’re wondering… I did immediately ice my wrist when I got home. (My dad was an athletic trainer so icing an injury such as this immediately was drilled into me at an early age.) Anyways… know this…. a wine bottle chiller is an excellent way to ice down an injured wrist. So, the whole aging gracefully bit… Yea… not gonna happen as long as I have the wine bottle chiller and ice packs at the ready, I’m good. wrist (2)


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