Stop and Smell the Roses


Life has a way of kicking you in the teeth when you least expect it.

One afternoon you are driving home, tired, and thinking how good it will feel to jump in the pool to cool off and enjoy a cocktail to unwind. The next thing you know, your mother-in-law has blacked out and is in the hospital. Less than a week later, she’s declared brain dead and has passed.

Flashback a little over a month…. you, your husband, your mom and your in-laws are in wine country. Enjoying a trip that was a “we should” and “we want to” weekend to wine country. Well, my husband finally “made it happen” this year because Nascar and his Mom’s 60th birthday were all in the same weekend and the race was in Sonoma. So, this was the perfect weekend to “do it all” and “do it up”.

We spent 2 days… all of us… visiting wineries and enjoying meals and sipping lots of wine. And then Sunday… the boys went their way to Nascar and us girls went our own way to do a wine tour and more tastings. My MIL wanted to do a cave tour and so I found a nice yet smallish winery that had a nice one that wasn’t too taxing because I know my MIL has bad ankles and often tires and pains easily.

As we waited for our tour to start (we were like 20 minutes early), we wandered the garden area near the entrance. It was mostly roses with a variety of other flowers (which I couldn’t name because I’m not good with flower varieties or names.) Anyways… we smelled the flowers and commented on which roses smelled sweetest and took pictures of the flowers. Basically, we were taking a moment to smell the roses.

When our tour began, we learned that we were having a “private” tour because the other folks who had signed up had cancelled. So, it was just the 3 of us with Bernard, our guide. It was great to ask questions and take our time. We weren’t rushed. Bernard explained and pointed out that the roses were more than just pretty features. They were planted at the end of each row of vines for a very important reason. The vineyard manager would walk the vineyard on a regular basis not to just check the vines and the grapes… but to check the roses. As it turns out, if there’s something in the ground that might or will harm the vines, it will surface in the roses first. So, by checking the roses on a regular basis, the manager can curtail or at least be aware of any issues that might be brewing.

So, by stopping to check on the roses (and smell a few), you can accomplish a couple of things. You can check on what’s going on with the ground and the roses and the other items you have growing, but you can also do a self check and look within to see what’s going on with yourself and in your life. So, take a moment, stop and smell the roses. It might be more revealing than you ever imagined.


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